15 April 2014

Goat Simulator

I was looking through the Humble Store and saw this:


So I looked further into it and was not disappointed. The trailer is just so hilariously WTF.

13 February 2014

The Secret Ingredient

This morning...
Me: ok ba yung timpla ng oatmeal mo? (is the flavor of your oatmeal okay?)
JS: masarap yung oatmeal. (it's good)
Me: haha you know what I put in the oatmeal?
JS: love?
Me: ahahaha
Me: spit
Me: hahahaha
Me: hinde, i put in a bit of cookie butter (no, I put in a bit of cookie butter)

30 October 2013

Not Another Steam Sale!

The hoarder in me gets both excited and worried when it comes to Steam sales. I love getting games at a good price and when they're really good games at less than $10.00 I'm usually more than 50% convinced.

23 October 2013

Hello, Again, Holiday Drinks

Source: http://www.xmasclock.com/
The nights are getting longer and air feels cooler. As soon as the "ber" months start malls and other establishments in the Philippines already play Christmas songs. I usually dread the Christmas traffic but I look forward to all the sales.

04 October 2013

World Animal Day

On the way to work today I heard over the radio that it was World Animal Day. I immediately thought of Animal from The Muppets because I am weird that way.

A few minutes after hearing the news bit I something terrible happened. Traffic wasn't moving that fast which was probably why I saw what I did. The vehicle in front of me, which was an SUV, probably didn't notice it but there was a kitten on the road. I only saw it when it came out from under the vehicle in front of me, jumping around in panic...or in pain. I couldn't just suddenly stop because there was a line of vehicles behind me and might cause an accident. I slowed down, maneuvered the car carefully, and hoped to God that I didn't run over the kitten. I know kittens or cats get run over fairly often everyday because of their lack of road-crossing skills, but that doesn't reduce the sadness I feel whenever I see the roadkill.